Hi! Thanks for taking a look. Here you’ll find relevant information about who we are and what makes us tick.

Our story is about people.  We’re ordinary men and women, young and old, who want to make a difference. For us this quest is about living our lives centred on Jesus.  We want to be more like him and do the things he did, which always involved caring for others.  We’d love for you to join us in this quest

our services

Our 10am service is a dynamic, family friendly gathering, perfect for all ages and backgrounds with a children’s program and creche. One of the first aspects of the service you’ll notice is that we enjoy singing. We use a variety of music, from fresh new songs, modern favourites to older classics including some hymns, prepared and presented by our talented and experienced Creative Arts team.


Messages and topics are biblical and have a clear, honest and practical application for our lives today, often communicated using fresh and creative ways.


With a wide range of children, young adults, families and a thoughtful combination of music, multimedia, interactivity and information, there is a place for everyone.


If you’re a parent you may like to know that during this service our children’s program also runs for children between the ages of 3 and 9 (during school terms, with specific programs for holiday times). We also have a creche for those younger ones. All carers have been safety screened and our facilities are of a high standard, giving you peace of mind while you explore our church service.


At 5.00pm our Undone service is vibrant, energetic and fun. Typically more attractive to young people, we describe this service as ‘high touch, high challenge’, incorporating the use of media, engaging speakers and worship music.


Access to our services is easy, with onsite parking - helpfully directed by our team. You'll be greeted at the door, so if it's your first time with us you can be sure help is close at hand! Our helpers can show you into our auditorium, help you find a seat, and introduce you to some people who will be happy to make you feel at home.


Our services run for 75 minutes, after which you're invited to join us for a cup of tea or coffee and meet some of our wonderful team!

our vision

We choose to live according to who Jesus is and what he did.  In order to do this well we’ve developed a catch-cry that sums the why behind all of our whats.  We remind ourselves of this often.  Here it is:


"We want to be a door of hope, through Jesus Christ, in this fragile and uncertain world and in order to do this we aspire to be Jesus centred, others focused, doing so together in community."


your next steps

We're so glad that you've taken the time to explore Door of Hope Christian Church.


There's only so much that words can explain about us, so we hope you'll join us for one of our Sunday services to truly experience our wonderful community! Of course, we understand that coming to church for the first time can sometimes be an intimidating experience, so we'd love to connect with you beforehand and answer any questions you might have. You're welcome to send us an email or call our team at the Welcome Desk - the button below will take you there!