planned giving faqs

Where do I start?

Start by praying. Ask God to speak to you about your contribution and then be obedient to His direction. Our obedience may cause us initial sacrifice, however in time all who give as the Lord directs will see that obedience and sacrifice always result in God's great provision.

If I have participated in Planned Giving before, am I required to complete all the details again?

YES. This gives you the opportunity to review your personal financial situation and adjust accordingly.

Will I be asked to commit publicly?

NO. During the month of June you will be given the opportunity to sign up online. 

Your financial contribution to the vision is between you and God and all commitments will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will be seen only by the Planned Giving Accounting Team.


The total amount pledged for the whole church is available to the leadership team and Elders for forward planning of budgets, but only the Planned Giving Accounting Team is able to link the name of the person to the amount they have committed.

How do I sign up as a Planned Giver?

It is as simple as seeking God, committing-to and trusting Him with your finances, and completing the Planned Giving Response Card online. It is a proven fact that when we sign our name to something we tend to keep that commitment more than when the commitment is just a thought or intention.

When do commitments commence?

You will be able to commence/recommence as soon as convenient.

Will I have the opportunity to revise my Planned Giving commitment?

YES. You may revise your commitment at any time during the 12 months by contacting the Finance Department - 6344 8450 OR

If I fall behind in my commitments, will the church take measures to make me pay?

NO. We believe maintaining your commitment is an issue between you and God. You are being asked to pray and ask God what he would have you commit to Him. One of the purposes for Planned Giving is to enable the church to have an indication of expected income to allow for efficient and effective planning for the future.

Do you think God will help me to meet a commitment, which right now seems a step of faith?

YES. Just as surely as He helps us in other areas of our life He will help in this. Pray and ask Him for His will in this matter. Prayer, coupled with intelligent faith, should answer your questions. Tithe your first and your best, and trust God to bless the rest.

Why is ONLINE GIVING the preferred way to give my tithe?

Embracing modern technology through Online Giving allows you to be a consistent giver. It also allows us to plan our ministries more effectively.