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Avoiding Power Struggles with Your Teenagers

The teenage years are a time of discovering independence while beginning to be given new responsibilities. With these new responsibilities comes new power and that is where the struggle begins. Parenting during these years is a constant balancing act of giving and taking power.

During these pivotal years is the final moments of parental influence and opportunities to teach their emerging young adult. Parents, this is the time to lead with hope and faith in God and trust in our children. Talk openly and honestly about about life and God’s future for them. Connect the experiences of childhood with the opportunities of the teenage years. Offer them the chance to succeed and fail.

I am praying over your family as you watch and consider this month’s online parenting class. As always, let me know how I can pray specifically for you and your teenager.

Please check out this week’s online parenting class:

Do you ever feel like there is a battle going on in your home over who is in charge? You? Or your teenager?

You are not alone. Parents in our church and all around you are going through the same season of life, so don’t despair. This month’s online parenting class provides you some great guidance.

The power struggle that you and others go through during these years is a normal part of the maturing process, as parents work to balance responsibility with teaching.

There are simple ways to avoid the power struggle in your home:

1.) Give chances to build trust and learn from failure 2.) Set goals and expectations 3.) Make choices about priorities

Teenagers learn best when given power slowly and as they earn it. Take the opportunity this week to give your teenager a new responsibility and power, and at the end of the week take some time to talk with them about how it went and what they learned.

Praying for you and your teenager.

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