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Becoming the Adviser Your Teenager Needs

The season of parenting you probably now find yourself in may not feel so amazing some days. There are changes and shifts happening around your home, I am sure.

One of the changes that happens in this new season of your family is what your teenager needs from you. It is a time where you are changing from a season of control to a new season of advice. As your child turns in to a teenager, they are becoming more independent and confident.

This is not a bad moment of life, but it is something to think through. It is all about how parents can make the shift from being in complete control to being a Godly adviser for your teenager.

As your teenager grows up and matures, there is a shift that should be happening in the role you play in your child’s life. You go from “controller” to “adviser” as they are earning more and more freedom and independence.

• Is my parenting approach shifting and changing from when my child was younger? If not, why?

• What are the ways that you are allowing your teenager freedoms in order for them to learn Godly independence?

• How do you see your parenting going from controller to adviser?

• Have a conversation with your teenager and ask them in what areas of their life they would like you to be less of a “controller” and need your advice instead?

Please let me know how I can help you as you consider your parenting styles and as you make this necessary transition in your family.


Pastor for Families ann.fair@door-of-hope.org

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