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Infusing God into Everyday Life

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I’m excited about the video for this month’s Online Parenting Class which focuses on Infusing God into Everyday Life. “God sightings” are just one fun way to do this.

The best way to incorporate God into everyday life is, first and foremost, to model it for them. If you talk about God every day, your kids will hear and see that. If you live in awe of Him, they will too. This kind of routine talk involves talking about God and the things He created that your kids may not pay attention to—people, creation, music and animals, for example.

Say you are out on a walk with your kids, and you notice one of those fat black and furry orange caterpillars on the sidewalk, the kind that forms a cocoon and later bursts forth as a new creation—a monarch butterfly! Most parents would stop and point out the caterpillar, let their child touch it or even pick it up, maybe move it to the grass where it won’t get squashed by the bike coming up behind you, and move on.

However, you would miss a profound opportunity to make this a “God sighting”! What if you took just one or two minutes to talk about the metamorphosis process—at their level? Start by talking about how beautiful God’s created things are—God planned every piece of fur on that amazing caterpillar! But don’t stop there! You could explain how the caterpillar is completely transformed into a new creature, and that this is what happens to people when they believe in Jesus. They become entirely new inside!

You don’t have to give a dissertation on the science behind a caterpillar’s metamorphosis. Simply bring God into the conversation! Looking for everyday things that can be used as God lessons will help your child to see God in the world around him or her. “God sightings” won’t be a once a week occurrence, but rather a natural way of living.

You are your child’s most significant spiritual guide! Don’t miss opportunities to teach about God, without giving a five-minute sermon (that your kids will tune out to, anyway!)


Here are eight additional simple ways to bring Jesus into your child’s daily routine!

1. Pray with your kids before naps, in the car, at meals, and before bedtime.

2. Listen to Bible stories on CD while driving in the car.

3. Use conversation starters at mealtime that direct conversation toward spiritual things. There are numerous resources for conversation starters online.

4. Write the names of people you are praying for on popsticks and stick them in a jar by their bed. Pull one out before bedtime and pray with your child for that person. Put the popstick back in the can. The next time that person’s name is drawn, if the prayer has already been answered, thank God with your child.

5. When you need your children to clean up their mess, play a children’s Christian song and make it a game—try to finish cleaning up before the song ends!

6. If you have older children, purchase a God-centered non-fiction book to read together every day.

7. Watch a movie with your child with a spiritual theme; when it’s over, talk about it.

8. Pick a verse a week to memorize as a family.

Infusing God into everyday life involves purposeful parenting. You don’t have to change what you do day to day, but add God conversation, Scripture, and songs into your typical routine. It will make a difference in your child’s posture toward God!

I’m so glad you are participating in these Online Parenting Classes! It is a joy to be part of your journey as a parent. Be encouraged! Striving to parent in today’s culture is not easy, but committing to learning parenting tools is one of the most productive things you can do in child-rearing. I’m here to be a cheerleader!

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions. ann.fair@door-of-hope.org

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