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Raising Honest Kids

I know that is a challenge and frustration issue in many of your homes. I hope this small measure of truth and wisdom helps you this month!

Truth is such a hard thing to teach in our homes, isn’t it? We live in a world where half- truths and outright lies are rewarded and complete honesty is looked at as naive.

It is hard to teach our kids the value of truth and the disappointment it is to others when you are not completely honest.

As you sit down with your family this week and talk this over, I would suggest reading over the Proverbs 11:3 verse again as a family. Have a time of discussion of what everyone thinks that it means. Maybe even think of some real-life examples of how someone was “ruined” because of their continued dishonesty.

There are certainly enough examples in history and even in current events/news about dishonesty that has brought “ruined” lives, careers, and relationships.

I would love to hear from you and your family about how your discussion goes and in what ways I can support you in those discussions.

In truth and honesty- Ann

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